Khulna Division

The Khulna division borders the Indian state of West Bengal to the west, the Rajshahi Division to the north, the Dhaka and Barisal Divisions to the east, and has a coastline on the Bay of Bengal to the south. It is part of the Ganges River delta or Greater Bengal Delta. Khulna is the third largest city in Bangladesh. It is located on the banks of the Rupsha and Bhairab rivers in Khulna District. It is the divisional headquarter and a major industrial and commercial center of Khulna Division. It has a seaport named Mongla on its outskirts, 38 km from Khulna City, which is one of the largest and most important ports of Bangladesh. The population of the city is about 14.47 million. The city is 333 km southwest of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, to which it is connected by air, road, train and water. It lies south of Jessore and Narail, East of Satkhira, West of Bagerhat and North of the Bay of Bengal. It is part of the largest delta in the world. In the southern part of the delta lies the Sundarban, the world's largest mangrove forest and the best attraction of this division for tourists.

:: Sundarban: The Magical Mangrove

Sundarban is one of the best, one of the most attractive and fascinating places for the travelers from around the world, along with the local people from Bangladesh. Being the largest mangrove forest of the world and having an extra ordinary biodiversity, this forest is the point of interests for almost all adventurous travelers from Bangladesh and people from all around the world. The name Sundarban can be literally translated as “beautiful forest” in the Bengali language (Shundor, “beautiful” and ban, “forest”). The name may have been derived from the Sundari trees that found in Sundarbans in large numbers. Sundarban is situated at the mouth of the great Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers and it is shared by India and Bangladesh, however Bangladesh holds the two-third of the whole forest. The forest covers 10,000 sq kilometers of the delta, two-thirds of this lies within Bangladesh’s borders. A large number of foreigners come to Bangladesh every year only to visit this unique mangrove forest. Besides, local tourists also go to visit Sundarban. About a third of the Sundarban Forest area is covered by a complex network of tidal creeks, mudflats and small islands, and the entire forest is subject to tidal inundation. Sundarban, Bangladesh’s only protection against tidal surges and annual cyclones, has the highest biodiversity of any mangrove forest in the world.

The vast biodiversity of Sundarban makes it very much tempting for its visitors. Specially the bold and adventurous persons find it very alluring to explore all it has. A vast range of large trees, lead by Sundari tree, the rivers crossing through the forest, the mist and aesthetics of the mangrove forest offer the beauty seekers true source of joy and beauty. On the other hand the wildlife it contains, ranging from the fearsome crocodiles, to the beautiful deer ad thousands of birds and most enthralling, exciting Royal Bengal Tigers provide the bold and adventurous souls a lot to pursuit and explore. The Sundarbans cover an area of 38,500sq km, of which about one-third is covered in water. The forests aren’t just mangrove swamps though; they include some of the last remaining stands of the mighty jungles, which once covered the Gangetic plain. Wildlife photography including photography of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, wildlife viewing, boating insides the forest will call recordings, nature study, meeting fishermen, wood-cutters and honey-collectors, peace and tranquility in the wilderness, seeing the world’s largest mangrove forest and revering beauty.

:: Katka

Katka is one of Heritage sites in Sundarban. In Katka there is a wooden watching tower of 40 ft. high from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Sundarban. A beautiful sea beach is there is Katka - you will enjoy while you are walking to go the beach from the watching tower. Thus, in Katka, you can enjoy the beach and the Magical Mangrove at the same time that leaves this place very special while you are on Sundarban. Also, a large variety of birds are on offer to watch and enjoy here.

:: Hiron Point

Hiron Point is another world heritage site of Sundarban. You can enjoy the beauty of wildlife, specially dotted deer, walking and running in the forest. There are also two other Heritage sites in Sundarban - one is Kochikhali and the other is Mandarbaria. At both of these places you will find deer and birds. If you lucky you can see the Great Royal Bengal Tiger in full. But if you are not that lucky, at least you will see the stepping of Great Royal Bengal Tiger here and there in these spots.

:: Karamjol

Karamjol is a forest station for the Rangers. Here you can see a deer breeding center. Here you can visit the outer portion of Sundarban forest areas. Sundarban is a heaven for bird watchers. In your Sundarban tour you will be able to see lots of varieties of birds. You can watch the fishing in the river by the fishermen, if you wish you can ask your tour operator to give a stopover in the fishermen villages to watch their lifestyle, see lots of animals like monkeys, various types of deer, foxes, crocodiles, snakes, and if you are lucky person you will be able to see the greatest mystery of Sundarban – The Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarban is one of the main sources to collect pure honey, so you should not forget to buy some pure honey.

:: Mongla Port

Mongla Port, the second largest port of Bangladesh, is located 48 km south of Khulna town. The port was developed initially about 18 km up at Chalna, which was opened to foreign vessels as an anchorage on 11 December 1950. The anchorage was shifted to Mongla in 1954 as the place could accommodate sea-going vessels with greater draughts. The port of Mongla retained its name Chalna for a long period of time. Mongla is situated on the confluence of the rivers Pasur and Mongla at mouza Selabunia of Rampal upazila of Bagerhat district. In this country’s economy Mongla Port plays a vital role as it is a gateway of shipping, business for Bangladesh with all over the world. There are a good number of prawn hatcheries in Mongla.

:: Bagerhat

While you are on the South-Bengal, that means mainly Khulna division, Bagerhaat is another place you would not want to miss. It is a district of Khulna division. Unesco-protected Bagerhaat has the more ancient mosques and mausoleums than anywhere else in Bangladesh. But the main attraction is the ShaitGombuj or sixty-dome mosque. It is the largest and most magnificent traditional mosque in the country. Around the 60-domed mosque are three other smaller, single domed mosques namely Bibi Begni’s Mosque, Chunakhola Mosque and Singar Mosque. About 2 km east of the ShaitGombuj mosque is the splendid Ronbijoypur Mosque. It has the largest dome in Bangladesh, spanning 11 meters and supported by 3 meters thick walls. On the western bank of the Thakur Dighi pond is the Nine-domed mosque. It has an impressive structure with mihrabs embellished with terracotta floral scrolls and foliage motifs, with a prominent chain and bell terracotta motif in the center. Just north of the 9-domed mosque is the Zinda Pir Mosque.

:: Dhopakhola, Jessore

Dhopakhola: Dhopakhola village is situated in the Jessore Sadar Upozilla and it positions with an honored of its valiant descendant of freedom war. A mass momentous in Dhopakhola approximately thirty people surrendered their survives aimed at the motherland. The aforementioned has an archive for the sacrifices entitled ‘Shaheed Smrity Pathagar’ and alternative one known as ‘Dhopakhola Cattra Maytri Pathagar’ recognized through the young, spirited and supreme body fluid, Md Momin Uddin, an innovator of them is an undergraduate of Business Studies Faculty from Dhaka University.

:: Dhopakhola, Jessore

Abhaynagar Upazila: There a small village named Dhoolgaam once had a wonderful multifaceted of 17 Hindu sanctuaries but merely single remains currently. Most of the sanctuaries were damaged through the Bhairab River.


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