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Chittagong, Commercial capital of Bangladesh has a busy International Seaport and The second busiest and international airport in Bangladesh Shah Amanat International Airport is here. Chittagong had too many green hills, spacious sandy beach and elegant cool climate always attract the holiday-makers. Described by the Chinese traveler-poet, Huen Tsang (7th century AD) as a sleeping beauty emerging from mists and water and given the title of Porto Grande by the 6th century Portuguese seafarers, Chittagong remains true to both the descriptions even today. Chittagong is the principal Port of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. It is situated on the right bank of the river Karnafuli at a distance of about 9 nautical miles from the shore line of the Bay of Bengal. So it’s main site for the establishment of heavy, medium & light industries. Shah Amanat International Airport, the second largest airport, has been newly constructed on the exquisite seashore of Patenga. The city was a Portuguese colony before falling under Mughal rule during the 16th and 17th centuries. An Islamic preach Hazrat Badar Aawlia arrived in this city from the seas and chose Cheragi Pahar to live and started to spread the message of Islam among the locals More than six hundred years ago. It carries the history of revolutionary activities During the British Raj. During World War II, the British used Chittagong as an important military base for Allied forces. Masterda Surya Sen formed the secret Republican Army and he set up camps for revolutionary youths to train in guerilla here. On 24 September 1932, 8 young rebels led by Pritilata Waddedar attacked the European Club. During 1930-32, 22 officials and 220 non- officials were killed by the revolutionarists in separate incidents. During the Bangladesh Liberation War, Chittagong had some of the heaviest fighting with the Mukti Bahini attacking Pakistani navy ships and the Indian navy firing missiles at Pakistani naval installations. in Chittagong Awami League leader M A Hannan and liberation war hero and future Bangladeshi president Ziaur Rahman famously announced the declaration of independence of the country on behalf of independence leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
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Package Tours, Guide Facility, Hotel's Own Jetty, Speed Boat, Country Boat, Conference Room, Coffee Corner
AC Restaurant, Oriental/local Food, Shopping Corner, Laundry Service, Saloon
AC Bus Stop, Luxurious Cruiser, Rent A Car Service, Large Car Parking, Lodging For Drivers
Gym, Kids Park, Community Center, Roof Top Swimming Pool
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Kathaltoli, Rangamati, Bangladesh

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